Top Ten Beaches Worldwide

With summer well and truly officially in we're sure you'll be looking into finding the perfect beach to catch a tan at and relax. We bring you the wolrd's best beaches, hitting different continents and catering to all tastes.

Rhossili Bay in the Gower, Wales

Rhossili Bay’s a gem not many know of, it triumphed this year in placing for best beach in the world. Located in the Gower in Wales, at low tide there is a huge expanse of beach. A popular spot for surfers Rhossili boasts both sand and sea, as well as wildlife, with different birds nesting on the cliff, so don’t forget your binoculars!

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Italy

Be enticed by the clear blue waters, the coves, sand and wildlife; fall in love with Rabbit beach, a tourist and local favourite. On the island of Lampedusa off the south coast of Sicily, Rabbit Beach has been described as an unspoiled nature reserve that can only be accessed by boat and one of the few places in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles go to lay their eggs.

Playa de ses Illetes, Formentera,

Boasting white sands, amazing views and beautiful people, Playa de ses Illetes is undoubtedly a beautiful beach. Even visitors of Ibiza manage to find their way to Formentera to enjoy Playa de ses Illetes. Try hitting the beach first thing in the morning before it gets crowded to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles,

Anse Lazio is the perfect tropical paradise beach well worth the long winding drive from Côte d'Or. Beautifully framed by granite rocks, this dream beach has soft white sands leading gently down to calm clear waters with a gentle gradient absolutely perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The Bon Bon Plume and Le Chevalier restaurants are nearby and can provide lunch and refreshments.

Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Hawaii

Lanikai means "heavenly sea" in the Hawaiian language. And at Lanikai Beach that is exactly what you will find.The small 0.5 mile beach has been constantly ranked among the best beaches in the world, a popular hotspot for photo shoots we can safely say we see why this beach is such a renowned palce.

Another thing to love about Lanikai; it’s a great place to watch the moonrise over the Mokuluas, especially during the full moon.

Playa Norte Beach, Mexico

Peak season and the best time to visit this beautiful Mexican Beach is during the winter months when temperatures are cooler. Summer temperatures are sweltering, with blazing sun and highs well over 32 °C (90 °F). Looking to get a tan then check the beach out during the summer months and enjoy a bit of wildlife; whale sharks gather in the nearby waters during the summer.

Baia do Sancho, Brazil

As you walk through a small forest trail you can't imagine what awaits you, the view is to die for once you make it through; a spread of gorgeous blue waters, sand and the sun sun hitting the water it can only be described as heavenly. Believe us when we say Baia do Sancho is a must go to place, no photo could come as close to translating how beautiful beach is.

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a Caribbean beach; Grace Bay with its golden sands and turquoise waters will have you feel like you’re in paradise. Visit Grace Bay for the ultimate Caribbean experience, enjoy the views, relax on a canopied beach bed while catching up on some reading – it’s the perfect spot for living it up in the lap of luxury.


Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico,

Known for its excellent swimming, sport fishing and diving sites Flamenco beach stretches for a mile around a sheltered, horseshoe-shaped bay. Offering clear waters and cake-mix-soft golden sands Flamenco beach may just manage to hook you into never leaving. Love camping? Well what about camping on this exotic beach, we really do doubt you’ll be willing to leave once you’ve set foot on it.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia,

Last but most certainly not least on our list is Whitehaven Beach in Australia, another must go to beach spot. It boasts simply amazing miles of pure white sand and azure waters and defines nature at its best providing  the greatest sense of relaxation and escape; it’s easy to see why it has become one of Australia’s most photographed beaches.  

At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet, a stunning cove where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a beautiful fusion of colours.  As the tide shifts, the white silica sand and turquoise shades of the inlet blend seamlessly to create a breath-taking view of swirling Whitsunday colours.