What’s RoomSuggestion?

A hotel with 300-rooms has at least 130-140 standard rooms. Which rooms are the most attractive ones among them? Similarly within 30 different suites in the same hotel, which one suits you the best and can somebody book it for you that exact suit? RoomSuggestion is a premium travel planner based in Istanbul that advises clients about the better rooms in a desired hotel and aims to book them with room numbers. We are proactively visiting hotels in different countries, checking their rooms, having meetings with sales representatives/hotel managers in major cities of the world. We convinced a good fraction of them that they should take client requests into consideration for room assignment process. Understanding our clients' room preferences and sensitivities helps us look for the right rooms for them. Hotels working with full capacity may not be able to guarantee a requested specific room, but they are mostly willing to offer a similar room to that. Please beware that RoomSuggestion is neither an online hotel booker, nor a travel agency.

How do we work?

If you want to take advantage of our services, please kindly contact us through our website or call us at +90 533 3118204 and we will plan the miracle trip for you. Bookings and customized tour planning are not online services at RoomSuggestion.

What do we have online?

RoomSuggestion.com provides articles with in-depth analysis of rooms and suites in various luxury hotels of the world. Our target is to match our users with the right place to stay for themselves and to put an end to room dissatisfaction, which surely saves time and energy of hotel guests and hotel representatives. You can find articles under 4 categories, namely Luxury Suites, Rooms with a View, Exceptional Experiences and Stylish Travel.

Examples on Room-mania

Did you know that the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe lived at Hollywood’s famed Roosevelt Hotel for two years and the room of her choice was suite 1200 because she liked the view of the pool? Or that US president Franklin Roosevelt stayed in room 776 of The Mayflower in Washington DC in the months leading up to his 1933 presidential inauguration and drafted his inaugural speech in this very room, including his now famous line, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? How about Sir Winston Churchill who stayed in what is now know as The Churchill Suite at Mena House Oberoi Hotel in Cairo during World War II and would leave his curtains open so he could see the pyramids of Giza which helped him settle his mind? At RoomSuggestion, we know that, much like the famed figures in history, we all have our favourite hotel rooms which make any stay that little bit more personal.