Your Holiday Wardrobe Sorted Part 2

With summer just round the corner, whether you're spending your holidays St. Ives or St. Barths, it is time to put together a stylish wardrobe. Let's check out destination friendly looks for our top holiday spots.


New York, USA

New York; the concrete jungle, fashion capital and city of lights – it’s the perfect holiday destination, with lots to do and see your vacation will be jam packed from the moment you land. The city break is your chance to go all out on the fashion front. Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw and let ‘Sex and the City’ dominate your summer style.

New York is New York where anything goes, so depending on your personality play it big or keep it simple and chic. If you’re going for simplistic your basics would be monochrome and splashes of colourful accessories if you’re to nail that city girl style. Want something a bit more out there then playing with patterns, balancing out cover ups to minimal clothing will be key to achieve your effortless Carrie Bradshaw inspired style.

Try pairing a chic midi skirt with a stylish crop top or rocking the cigarette pants look with a sheer blouse. How about going for tiny shorts and an androgynous oversized top, pair it with converse and you’ve got both street style and touches of high fashion covered.

Venice, Italy

Ciao Bella! Join us in Venice a city in north eastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, with stunning scenery and picturesque streets and Venice is bound to entice and have you fall in love.

With all the water that’ll be surrounding you a nautical themed wardrobe only seems to be right, playing on light whites and blues, a cheeky hint of red here and there and you have the perfect summer wardrobe. Cotton shorts and simple camisole tops will be your staples. Flowy skirts, comfy espadrilles that could take you from day to night.

Aquila, South Africa


How about an African safari experience? Check out the mother land in all it’s gorgeous natural beauty. Only two hours away from Cape Town, you can indulge yourself in the experience of the ever famous Safari trips while still managing to pop into the city. Enjoy the intimate wildlife safaris, cool-off dips in natural rock pools, bare-it-all outdoor showers and private luxury chalets at Aquila.

Go all earthy and natural with your choice of clothing but keep it chic and stylish. Opt for cute khaki shorts or cigarette pants to pair with airy sheer blouses and add in some African inspired accessories to give your outfit some pow. Play on colours, oranges, reds, hues of blues and whites – who says you need to blend in with your environment. From shorts to gorgeous wrap dresses in the evening, wedge sandals and more accessories.

Beijing, China

Another city to play in but a different city all together, check out Beijing a city that embraces both traditional and modern simultaneously. Immerse yourself and be amazed by this fast moving city while looking like a local – keep your look chic and classic and you’re unlikely to fail.

Think all things modern and in season and you have your look, from cute skirts to the ever staple LBD, ballet pumps and cute tops to pair with your skinny jeans and blazer ensemble. Play with different colours, patterns and shapes to create a more dynamic and totally on trend look.