Transition your Travel Style from Summer to Autumn

As we bid summer adieu and start eyeing up autumn trends, one thing all trendy travellers need to consider is to have enough layers in this tricky season post-summer, pre-fall where the days are still warm but evenings awfully chilly. With this in mind, we have you covered (pun intended) with smart layering options and style ideas for end-of-summer travels which means you will not bake in the sun and freeze in the breeze.

Summer to Autumn Transition Inspiration

Fortunately, you don't have to ditch your whole summer wardrobe just because it's going to get a bit cooler outdoors. The fashion savvy can always seamlessly ease into fall without any major hiccups. Why? Because they have great transitional pieces that work for both seasons, think layers, innovative ways of dressing summer clothing up, cute socks with your favourite pair of sandals, blazers and knits to leather jackets and scarves.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a great transitional piece, there are a few things to consider: can you zip it up or extend the sleeve? Can you wear something underneath? Does it still look good with a blazer or jacket over top? If you can answer yes to most of these then you’re good to go.

Summer to Fall fashion transition

The perfect transitional looks play on simplicity, a select palette and focuses on accessorising and of course layering.

Work your favourite jumpsuit for instance during the day if you’re lucky enough to still be somewhere nice and hot, come evening add a blazer and a slick of a darker coloured lipstick like berry to give a demure yet very summer to autumn look while also playing on transitioning from day to evening.

Jumpsuit summer to autumn look

One for dresses, then don’t pack up your little white dress just yet. Rock the super chic look and pair your dress with a pair of chunky heels for the fall feel; want it to be on the cutesy side then add a pair of pop or frilly socks to give your look that extra feminine feel. Add some attitude by accessorising with a bowler hat and some midi rings to match – if it’s extra chilly out you could even throw on a snood keeping your warm and well put together.

LWD summer to autumn look

The season change over from summer to autumn really doesn’t have to be too difficult, keep it simple, play with layers and embrace both seasons at their best.