Top Trends We Owe the World

A new year often spells new trends. But before we say “In with the new and out with the old” we take a look at those evergreen trends far and wide across the world from harem pants to not so clever clogs.

Traditional or not, the kimono has become one of the cutest modern pieces of fashion – if you can pull it off, from cute blouse designs to over coat pieces the kimono has that traditional modern thing working in its favour. Simply meaning ‘the thing worn’ the kimono has become a must have item of clothing at some point in your life – a straight cut dress (modern version tops, outerwear) tied at the waist, it can be worn by almost everyone and best part is it total fashion inspiration, year in year out.


There’s the tartan trend that was/is oh-so-big this autumn/winter season, you know that totally Scottish kilt reminiscent design, from scarves to skirts (not just kilts anymore) to skinny pants and coats tartan was everywhere. This is one of those trends that has made an appearance before (think 90’s, film Clueless and you have the idea) and is bound to remain a favourite a little longer. Played out yet totally versatile you can’t go wrong as it works well on the layering, colourful and very British front!


On loving the autumn/winter season, we can’t possibly forget about keeping our tootsies warm and it’s no thanks to Australia and the sheepskin boots that the world has managed to keep warm and look fashionable snug at the same time. You can’t say you haven’t heard of Uggs – they’re a winter fashion must have, with the range catering to men, women and kids – it’s Uggs for the whole family.


Let’s head on over to the summer where less is more and more is less. You have so much to play with colours, textures, styles and designs and everything on show – forget about autumn/winter layering summer/spring is all about showing off what you have. Looking for a space-saving shoe but want something that says – summer, then you’d have to indulge yourself in the unisex espadrilles, they scream European summer, trip to France anyone? Looking for something a bit more nautical, check out the Connecticut boat shoes that always seem to be in come the summer season.

espadrilles flats

Staying on that beach a little longer? I’m sure you’ll be reaching for your kaftan at some point, with it’s gorgeous colours a billowing sleeves, airy and super cute. Did you know the kaftan actually known as a Boubou (female version M’boubou) is a West African design more often than not worn by men? Some are beautifully embroidered and passed down through the generations as family heirlooms. So if you’re looking for a much more authentic ‘kaftan’ holiday in West Africa and you’re bound to come across a huge selection (of the much more traditional sort of course).


Talking about cultural influence, let’s touch on the oh-so-cute turban that’s been making its rounds across the globe. From traditional purposes to making fashion statements the turban is now a big fashion go-go, from covering up bad hair days to just substituting a hat for something cute and playful you can where it anyhow. With obvious influences from the Asian and African parts of the world the turban has been modernised and turned into what could possibly be the next generation of hats – morphing headbands and hat wearing together – amazing right. So from simple to daring and dramatic turbans may just become a girl’s best friend.


Then we have our creepers that remained a big pop culture hit last year. You know, the shoes actually came about thanks to soldiers after WWII designed for soldiers dealing with climate in North African deserts to them then wearing them in London night-spots which led to the name brothel creepers. They did their rounds being adopted by many subcultures including indie, punk and goth, and so it’s no surprise that they made their way to mainstream fashion and straight into pop culture – what with recycling in the fashion world and old always becoming new somehow? Plus it’s no thanks to the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus popularising the shoes, so chances are it’s staying just a little longer, don’t you think?


We can’t talk about creepers and not mention Dr. Martens boot. The renowned iconic boots worn by style conscious punks that then led to a big Dr. Marten loving youth subculture that still exists to this day. You’d never believe that these boots were created initially created for practical purposes. Beyond the fashion statement they were invented by Munich, Germany based Dr Maertens to develop a comfortable air cushioned sole (invented after a foot injury on a skiing trip) – crazy right, the not so fashion conscious created a fashion icon! Thanks Dr Maertens.

dr martens

There are so many more trends out there, some with cultural influence and then some that are just out right outrageous and too farfetched but we do like the ones that work and stay a while and the ones that are a bit out there – for entertainment purposes. Let us know what you have loved and loathed during 2013 and what you think should make it through to 2014.