Top Ten Beaches in Europe

Last week we brought you our top ten beaches around the world, but what if your time and your budget only allow for a short-haul beach getaway? Fear not, at RoomSuggestion we have got you covered. Here are our top ten European beaches to explore this summer.

Plage de Saleccia, Corsica

Plage de Saleccia is something you could call a secret beach, a half-mile strand of dazzling white sand shelving gently into turquoise sea, is completely undeveloped; hard to get to, unless you have a yatch, but if you opt for the walk across the desert it’s well worth the trek. Hidden by the desolate Désert de Agriates, a sunburnt expanse of nothingness, Saleccia is the heaven after the hell, a mile-long desert island dream.

Golden Sands Beach, Bulgaria

The soft golden sand here is reputed to be the best in Europe. A popular seaside resort destination and only a few kilometres away from the city of Varna, Golden Sands boasts amazing views and beach splendour. Oh and if you’re a total environmentalist then Golden Sands is the perfect place for you having been recognised for its environmental awareness; the water and beach are closely monitored for toxins and there is solar-powered transportation on offer. We all love a clean beach right!?

Kampen Beach, Sylt, Germany

This white-sand beach, with its backdrop of red cliffs and its bracing air, is on the fashionable North Sea island of Sylt. Go native and grab yourself a Strandkorb (giant wicker beach chair), soak up the sun and enjoy the view.

 Cala Xarraca, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza, we bet you’re thinking, really? Admittedly, there are parts of Ibiza that have been somewhat spoiled by 40 years of mass tourism, but away from San Antonio, Playa d'en Bossa and the like, the White Isle hides away several beaches that rank among the best in the Mediterranean.

The beautiful bay of Cala Xarraca with its crystalline water is perfect for snorkelers and a favourite with photographers.


Dune du Pyla, France

The Flanc Côté Ouest is the seaward side of the Dune du Pyla, a giant sand dune on Aquitane's Atlantic coast near Bordeaux.

The beach is hidden by a 108m-high wall of sand so you have to climb up and roll down it to get there. It sounds like a whole lot of effort to get to a beach, but believe us when we say once you hit that stretch of gorgeous sand, take a dip in the sea for a cool off, it will all be worth it.


Flag Beach, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

'Hang on!' you might say, isn't Fuerteventura one of Brits' favourite summer holiday destinations? Well yes it is, but there’s this little gem, totally tropical turquoise at the north end of this Canary Island that not many know of.

Another beach that has you trek before you get to it, but again it’s most certainly and definitely worth the walk. If you’re a big fan of water sports then Flag Beach is the place for you, from windsurfing to body boarding, kayaking and snorkelling it’s water sports paradise.


Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Perhaps the most dramatic of all the Ionian beaches, this is a huge sweep of white limestone pebbles, set in a deep, wide bay. Viewed from the road above, it forms the perfect crescent that you might recognise from the covers of countless guidebooks, a photographer’s dream of a beach. We hear the water is splendid to lose yourself in.


Mondello Lido Beach, Sicily, Italy

Near the small fishing village of Mondello on the Mediterranean, lies Mondello Lido, just nine kilometres from Palermo, Sicily’s vibrant capital. Its wide white sandy beach that run from Monte Pellegrino to Monte Gallo. And with Mondello’s bars, cafés, nightclubs and hotels lining the shore we’re sure you’ll find a way of making Modello Lido a day to night destination.


Chia Beach, Sardinia, Italy

A slice of the Caribbean a little closer to home, with towering dunes, crystalline waters flanked by juniper trees and traces of the ancient Phoenician city of Bithia, on which Chia now stands. The pristine series of bays near Chia on Sardinia have pale apricot sand lapped by turquoise water, and attract locals from the sleepy town that is Sardinia.

Turquoise Coast Beach, Patara, Turkey

Talk about a turquoise delight! With stretches and stretches of fine white sand, beautiful turquoise waters, huge waves and gorgeous scenery. Turquoise Coast Beach is the perfect place for everyone from kids to adults, you can wade for a while through the sea water before hitting the deep end, enjoy some water sports and of course all things beach worthy.

Oh and did we mention that there’s a nesting area for the endangered loggerhead turtle, it has remained undeveloped thanks to its national park status.