Food Friday: Valentine's Day Recipes from Around the World

Happy Valentine's! With love in mind, in the last few dayd we suggested not only some of the most romantic and exotic destinations to spend time with your loved one, but also some of the perfect honeymoon hideaways for those lucky few who have romance coming at them left right and centre. If you are however, working on a budget or simply want to bring the exotic and the romantic to you, we’ve put together a couple of exotic recipes for you to try out this Valentine’s Day.

You've still got a few hours to get the dinner going, set the table, light the candles and enjoy a cosy dinner for two away the crowds. And guess what? If you wish, you can skip dessert too!


Red Love Latte, Southern Africa

Surprise your sweetheart with this little treat when you bring them breakfast in bed. If your loved one loves a hot drink first thing in the morning then a Red Love Latte would be the perfect choice – Valentine’s Day does only come but once a year! A lovely blend of rooibos (red bush) leaves which only grow in Southern Africa and known for its wonderful antioxidants and for being caffeine free; the flavour is warm and round, just like a good hug.


Heart-shaped Omelette, North Korea

Talking about breakfast in bed how about learning how to shape an omelette into a heart for your sweetheart? The idea comes from Asia, where food is art to be savoured by the eyes first, and then tasted. So true right? A North Korean dish that tends to be left as a little surprise to be found in a small child’s lunchbox can easily be romanticised and given to a loved one to enjoy in bed.


Lamb Tagine, Morocco 

You can never go wrong with Moroccan cuisine, so why not try this amazing lamb tagine to share with your Valentine? Enjoy eating it with your fingers and a bit of bread – undoubtedly one of the most seductive ways to eat in the world. Added bonus, the dish is all sprinkled with a splash of orange blossom water, so gents there’s technically really no need for you to buy flowers.


Long Island Oysters Rockefeller, USA

We can’t have Valentine’s Day dishes from around the world and not mention the classic dish that everyone has to have – oysters of course! This New York inspired aphrodisiac is bound to be a couple pleaser! And we all know where a good aphrodisiac can lead to… Named for one of the most famous New Yorkers of all time, John D. Rockefeller, in honour of the extremely rich sauce, you’re bound to totally love it!


Red Velvet Cupcakes, USA

Dessert is always the most anticipated part of any Valentine’s Day menu so forget about the ever cliché strawberries and chocolate – get your chocolate fix instead from this scrumptious delight – the red velvet cupcake. If done right you will undoubtedly love the party that will be going on in your mouth. You’re getting chocolate and the ever necessary red that is oh-so-Valentine’s-Day.


So who says you need to travel to get some exotic loving in your love life? Happy Valentine’s Day!