Honeymoon Must-Stays

Here at Room Suggestion we like to give you some major intel sometimes, like where you should and shouldn’t go and more specifically which room you should most definitely stay in. seeing as we’re in the romantic season we’re going to give you all things romance….and particularly all things honeymoon – ‘love is in the air right’! We did some major research for you guys and after the top romantic cities and the most romantic exotic getaways, it's only fair we bring you our top honeymoon must-stays.


Semaya Seminyak, Bali

So we heard this might be one have one the most romantic places you could check into! Not only could you get a villa with a pool you can also book their exclusive honeymoon packages that offer an exclusive three course dinner, and a 60-minute Bali massage – what more could a girl ask for (from her loving partner of course)? Did I mention that this is the perfect place for ladies and gents, there are beaches upon beaches; shopping centres and multiple restaurants for all you foodies out there….who doesn’t love a bit of international cuisine!?


Six Senses Koh Samui, Thailand

Did I hear plush living, walk-in closets, private pools as well as indoor and outdoor showers? That could only be the Six Senses Koh Samui we are talking about. If you are looking for that exotic, totally memorable honeymoon check onto the Six Senses Koh Samui and you’re bound to have a good time. With private villas perfect for couples, amazing views of the Gulf of Thailand; believe it or not, you can actually enjoy this from you room as well as enjoying you own private pool area that could be located on the frontline direct to the ocean, perfection right!?


St Regis, Mauritius

Ooh la la, Mauritius, so far out for most, at one of the most exclusive hotels ever you are guaranteed the best hotel service (and yes that does include room service at any time…) and the best honeymoon you could wish for. Did you know if you actually enquire, the bride could [exclusively] stay for free (check out for those offers) don’t say we never help you out! Expect white sands, a turquoise lagoon as well as turquoise seas plus amazing aquatic experiences – it is of course Mauritius.


Tanjong Jara, Malaysia

From the mirrored glass waters of the Resort's Teratai pool to the relaxed beach, sand between your toes and chilled champagne in hand, to a twilight garden affair, with canapés and dancing, in the soft glow of candlelit lanterns and fairy lights beneath a starlit Terengganu sky; we have a perfect honeymoon scenario right? Tanjong Jara is admittedly all about simplicity while still encapsulating the romance – they have seduction, comfort and views that will have you believe you’re suspended in time – is that not love!?


Chitwa Chitwa, South Africa

Love adventure, thrill oh and animals? Of course we’re going to take you to South Africa! An undoubtedly unforgettable experience with a private honeymoon deal that offers exclusive dinnners and honeymoon turndowns in the bedroom among other romantic touches you really really can’t go wrong! Let me not forget those modern four poster bed clad bedrooms – an addition you may or may not need.


Oh by the way, please do remember to let us know if these places worked out for you by dropping by our hotel reviews to tell us what you made of your honeymoon hideaway.