A Suite Heritage in San Francisco at Fairmont Heritage

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Summer time in San Francisco doesn't come with a sweeter story than that of the waterfront luxury hotel Fairmont Heritage Palace.A world renowned Californian spot, The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel presents an awe-inspiring picture of historic San-Francisco. Think grand, luxurious and dipped in reputable history and you have an undoubtedly memorable experience guaranteed.

Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

Centrally located, this luxury San Francisco hotel is a short cable car trip from the bustling Downtown, Financial District, Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf. In fact, The Fairmont San Francisco hotel is the only spot in San Francisco where each of the City's cable car lines meet.

Named after mining magnate and U.S. Senator James Graham Fair by his daughters Theresa and Virginia who built the hotel in his honour; not only is the hotel named after a great man but it also created a whole history after its own. Withstanding an earthquake, being featured in film, such as The Rock and TV shows like Hotel while completely maintain its authenticity, sense of place and architectural integrity – we’d say the Fairmont has done pretty good for itself.

Old Shot Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

Lose yourself in this ludicrously luxurious hotel and turn moments into memories. Check into Penthouse suite; Spanning the entire eighth floor of the historic Main Building of The Fairmont San Francisco boutique hotel, The Penthouse Suite offers 6,000 square feet of luxury. Created in the Roaring Twenties, this San Francisco Penthouse epitomizes the opulence and distinctive design of this singular time period.

Penthouse Suite Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

Live it up like royalty or a rock star and bask in the idea of having lived in a space that President John F. Kennedy, Prince Charles and Mick Jagger, to mention but a few, would’ve called home. Featuring three large bedrooms, a living room with a grand piano, a formal dining room, a professional-grade kitchen, a two-story circular library crowned by a rotunda where a celestial map is rendered in gold leaf against a sapphire sky, a billiard room coved in handcrafted Persian tile from floor to vaulted ceiling, and an expansive terrace with sweeping views of San Francisco; we can’t say we don’t see why this wouldn’t make the absolute perfect living space.

Penthouse Suite Fairmoint San Francisco

Are you a food connoisseur? Yes, well for the days you’re feeling like going beyond your fabulous suite, visit the restaurants in Nob Hill; world-renowned for their amazing cuisine you have a multitude of choices. There’s the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar which offers exotic Asian cuisine, along with the City's best Mai Tai, in the unforgettable setting of a tropical rainforest. Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar offers a true San Francisco fine dining experience featuring local ingredients and fresh seafood from San Francisco Bay, paired with one-of-a-kind wines from the area's top boutique wineries and local craft beers.  Inspired by the cafes of Europe, Caffé Cento combines the coffee of illy with the chocolate of Ghirardelli and the hospitality of Fairmont.

Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar

As much as you may absolutely be in love with this luxurious hotel, delve out into the rest of the city and check out what else the beautiful San Francisco has on offer. From the ever famous Golden Gate Bridge to the Golden Gate Park, China Town and Alcatraz Island there’s plenty to see and do.

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