Wish You Were Here: St. Kitts and Nevis

So New Year has rolled up fast! Why not bring in 2014 with a bang? Forget about New Year’s resolutions (how many of you actually follow through with them anyway?), and just enjoy life, celebrate and dance hard with friends and family in the gorgeous Caribbean island St. Kitts and Nevis where life is a beach and super easy breezy – there’s a New Year’s resolution to stick to.


St. Kitts and Nevis is a gorgeous small island that boasts stunning beaches, amazing views, picturesque towns and lots of culture. Enjoy some of the island activities like swimming, horse riding, eating and drinking before the main event – St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival dubbed Sugar Mas, the event that everyone looks forward to, which builds up from the beginning of December  and culminates officially on the first Tuesday in January.


Celebrated across the island, New Year's Day is a popular occasion that falls within St Kitts's Carnival period. A great time to be on the island, the colourful celebrations include celebrations of the Old Year's Ball on New Year's Eve and the Night of the Stars on New Year's Day. Expect plenty of food and drink, live music, calypso dancing, fashion shows, live performances and street parties - all served with a healthy dose of Caribbean spice and enthusiasm.

The Grand New Year's Day Parade is a vibrant cacophony of steel band and Calypso Monarch competitions. The sound of drums and fifes is everywhere: Big Drum and String Band play traditional music that's straight out of Africa accompanied by Masquerade dance groups with the highlight of these groups being the children's troupes. There's traditional folklore from clowns, string bands, and the towering Mocko Jumbies on their stilts, keeping alive a very ancient West African religious tradition. And then there's the food, you absolutely cannot forget about or miss out on the food! You can't even call it a "street" party: the whole island is hopping, if you’re not here for New Year’s you should be wishing you were here!



All that partying eating and drinking is bound to take it out of you, so check yourself into the Four Seasons Nevis to recuperate. It’s a gorgeous expansive resort with a vast range of accommodation from private villas to romantic suites and spacious six bedroom residences with pools each positioned to appreciate the glorious sea or verdant mountain views, you can’t go wrong. So after all that partying, dancing and drinking you’re bound to appreciate the calming sounds of the ocean the stunning views and of course the five start treatment you can expect from any Four Seasons resort. And when you’re done with all that recuperating, before heading off home don’t forget to enjoy the championship-standard scenic golf, or tennis on one of 10 courts, or sea turtle programs, or house reef diving or simply chilling out at the fully furnished beach cabanas to provide your home from home while on the vast sandy beach #wishyouwerehere



By Mpona Lebajoa

Wish You Were Here: St. Kitts and Nevis