Vacation it up like a Celebrity Part Four

So we’ve taken you from one corner of the world to the next but of course we all know in the world of the rich and famous there is an endless list of places to go, people to see and things to do. So this week we bring you our latest round up of celebrity hot spots to hit, from Alicante with reality stars to Formentera with our favourite super model Kate Moss, we have you covered.

Alicante, Spain

Go at it solo like reality star Frankie Essex did for some major recuperation and much needed down time – I mean sometimes you need a holiday after a holiday right. Alicante is a gorgeous beach resort town idyllic for vacationing after your hard core vacation and apparently a good spot for a solo vacation too.

Frankie Essex

Check into Hotel Hospes Amerigo located in the heart of Alicante and merely minutes away form the beach. Make your way to the Bodyna Spa situated in a place as intimate as it is rare: the rooftop of the hotel and lose yourself in a wave of relaxation. Also highly recommended is the gastronomic experience at the Monastrell Restaurant that enhances the freshest Mediterranean ingredients from the market and, and insists on an atmosphere that keeps away the day by day routine and remain attached to the magical spell of Alicante.

Hotel Hospes Amerigo

Las Vegas, USA

Abbie Cornish Las Vegas

 From downtime to party time, we head to Vegas with Australian actress and model Abbie Corninsh who hit Vegas in style enjoying a pool soiree which climaxed to a typical Vegas style all out party. When in Vegas…you know the saying. Known for it’s gambling, crazy party scene and all types of debauchery  Vegas is just the place if you’re looking to let loose and have a whole lot of fun while doing so – admittedly you may not remember some of what you get up to but that’s the best part of the whole experience right? Enjoy a 24 hour party as Abbie seemingly did, or recreate The Hangover, like we said – when in Vegas…

Las Vegas, Abbie Cornish

Formentera, Balearic Islands


Kick back on the beach looking all kinds of stylish like super model Kate Moss did this week; she headed to Formentera for some sun, sea and sand and we guess a little chilling after the partying in Ibiza. Of course it makes sense to head to Formentera, Ibiza’s little sister after being in Ibiza.  The sea is incredibly clear with exceptional diversity of marine life making this an ideal place to enjoy snorkelling, diving and fishing. The local fishermen will tell you, that the seafood caught around Formentera is second to none in quality. So indulge in some water sports, enjoy the best in fresh foods and top up your tan while you’re at it. 

Kate Moss Formentera