Top Ten Most Visited Countries in the World

The world is doubtless too large for many a lifetime and many a budget to see all the wonderful places waiting to be explored and country mile by country milewe try to bring you some of the top spots and destinations over here at RoomSuggestion, but have you ever wondered which countries top travel lists? You can now have the answers with the World Tourism Organization's annual report on international travel.

According to the report, over one billion people traveled to another country last year. Yes, that’s right, a seventh of the world population is on the go. Let’s check out the top ten countries they are heading to.




26.5 million

Coming in at number 10 is Thailand. Could it be the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters or the serene temples?


Russian Federation

28.4 million

Russia may not always prove a favourite when it comes to travel, but it seems when it comes to travel, it’s a whole different picture and Russian Federation sits firmly at the number 9 spot.

london united kingdom

United Kingdom

31.2 million

Despite its temperamental weather, with a plethora of sights to see and historical heritage, it is easy to see why UK is in the top ten. Whether we are set to hike in Snowdonia or take the London Eye, it seems we head to the UK by the millions.



31.5 million

Is it the Oktoberfest? Or the countless castles in the lush green countryside? Germany gets past age-old rival by a few hundred thousand people to clinch lucky number seven on the list.

Istanbul Turkey


37.8 million

A rich history, endless beaches and sizzling summers, add to that pocket-friendly prices, it is no wonder the country bridging the east with the west proves so popular.

Venice Italy


47.7 million

Midway on the list is the boot of Europe. Whether we are heading to capital Rome, or the pictaresque Positano, one thing is for sure, we are heading to Italy.

great wall of china


55.7 million

‘Go East’ must the our motto when travelling as the economic giant of Asia also emerges as a tourism giant to get the number four spot on the list.



60.7 million

The sun, the sea, the sand… Spain is certainly a summer destination for many but if the numbers are anything to go by, it attracts way more than the sunseekers.


statue of liberty new york

United States

69.8 million

Despite the vast expanse of country to explore, USA falls remarkable short – by about a few million visitors – of the number 1 spot.

eiffel tower paris


83 million

Is it the lure of the City of Light, Paris, or the riveting Riviera? France tops the list with 83 million visitors a year.