Top Ten Gadgets for Travellers

Christmas is a mere nine days away. I repeat: nine days. And we know there are some of you out there who still haven’t quite gotten around to getting all your shopping done. We’ve scoured the web and high street for you to bring to you the top ten gadget gifts for your traveller friends and family – we live in such a fast paced tech infused era that what we’re going to give you here is gold – with gifts for him, for her and even the kids – don’t say we never help you out.

Ever had one of those moments where you really need to use your phone, but lo and behold your phone’s dead? All that internet browsing, roaming, game playing, Instagramming and incessant instant messaging can be to blame, but sometimes they’re just an absolute necessity, until you find yourself in a situation with no access to plugs or your charger – what do you do? Well check this out: the backup charger, guaranteed life saviour at the best of times. This sleek little must-have charges up to two devices and it can handle anything from an android smart phone to iPads, iPods and smaller tablets. Now you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying on you again.


Are you camera savvy? Love taking photos of everything and everything? Forget about the smart phone, step it up and invest in a Nikon Df for one of your loved ones. A high end modern camera with some of the most desirable traits. Think amazing shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation and all the other camera jargon you could think of, this camera has it. Perfect for your photo loving travellers who will be bound to bring back some amazing snaps from their travels and forever have you to thank for them.


An obvious choice but nonetheless a good gift idea – a light iPad/tablet keyboard. Forget about trying to get a hybrid (laptop/tablet) or a notebook. If you already have a tablet you’re halfway there to savvy and smart working, not only are tablets light and amazingly easy to cart around with you no matter where you go, you can also treat them as you would a laptop or notebook. Add a lightweight keyboard and voila, you’re good to go, so you can type up all those documents of yours while you travel (for those of you who are still old school and love the feel and sound of your keys as you get your work done).


Have a friend or family member who’s totally into their fitness – particularly running? Well check out this snazzy wrist-gadget. Take running to a whole new level with TomTom Runner. The watch allows you to track your time, distance, pace and calories burned on an extra-large, high resolution display. With the new QuickGPSFix technology installed, a graphical training partner and easy menus to navigate through you can basically run anywhere and everywhere and never get lost, so even while you’re on holiday you can stick to your routine and get a run in here and there. And an added bonus for all you triathletes out, there are more up-market models of this fancy gadget which add swimming and cycling to the mix.


If you have a music lover in your circle of friends and family this is the gift you absolutely HAVE to get them. Check out the Denon DSD-501 Cocoon Stream amazing sound and unlimited ways of connecting to your favourite playlist, this all-in-one audio solution in a curvy, cyber-jellybean chassis, this is the latest streaming speaker to attack this increasingly saturated market. It attaches to your computer, mobile or NAS by Wi-Fi or ethernet, sucking in sounds via Apple’s AirPlay on your Mac, PC or iOS device, or from Android and Windows apps.


Do you know someone who absolutely loves connecting to the internet, catching up on their favourite shows and music videos while also loving streaming this all on a big screen? Yes? You know your uni student daughter or travel savvy friend who doesn’t want to miss a beat? Well, invest in the Google Chromecast. It’s a dongle that plugs into your TV set’s HDMI port, so you can view YouTube, Netflix and more to your heart’s content and never miss your favourite show again regardless of where you are. You can use compatible phone app or the Chrome browser on any device as a remote control and you’re good to go.


For all you jetsetters out there who are unfortunately best friends with jetlag and multiple sleepless nights as a result of this, we have an amazing solution for you- the adaptive sound and sleep solution. This heaven sent magical ‘sleep machine’ plays relaxing sounds like waterfalls plus white noise, and to give the gadget some extra edge they’ve also added brown and pink noise – whatever they are – enjoy.


Love your selfish moments? Indulge yourself or someone you know and give them the Bose QuietComfort 20 in ear headphones. Featuring amazing noise-cancelling technology which means you can cocoon yourself in a world of your own as you enjoy your music or if you’d like to be aware of what’s going on around (as is necessary sometimes these days – you don’t want to miss your flight or train now, do you?). You can easily press a button on the control unit and voila, you can hear what’s going on around you and the best part is, it’s attuned to letting mid to high frequencies through so you can hear station announcements.


With USBs, CDs and other hard drives becoming things of the past when it comes to saving all your digital information, the cloud has come to the forefront. But you know there’s always the potential issues of privacy and security with anything online based so why not invest in a connected data transporter. What’s that, you say? Well, it’s online storage that’s completely under your control. Connect it to the web via Gigabit ethernet and you can back up, then view or share your data from any friendly mobile or computer, anywhere on Earth.


And finally for our business aficionados out there constantly giving presentations, travelling and living it up business style, we have just the gadget for you. How can you make your PowerPoint presentation more impressive? One answer, there’s this wireless projector the Asus B1M Projector. It collects files straight from your network-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone and turns them into 51-inch images and a 1280×800 image resolution, while a 2W speaker provides a certain amount of sound. Forget about the boring old style presentations – think of a cinematic experience and we’re sure whatever you present to your clients will be sold.


So we hope we’ve taken some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping with these amazing gadget gift ideas. Check out Room Suggestion for more information on where to stay during your Christmas holidays.