Top Destinations for Solo Women Travellers

In the 21st century the world may be our oyster, but for a solo female travellers some destinations prove more dangerous than others while some are hassle-free havens.

Here is our list of top ten places most amazing and safest destinations for women travellers.





If you like your landscapes, your nightlife, and your men – come to think of it – rough and rugged, then Ireland is the place for you. Not only will you enjoy the dramatic coastal cliffs and rolling emerald hills, you can also make the most of the lively pub culture in Dublin as well as the countryside. If you’re a single woman having a quiet drink, rest assured, flirty Irish beaus will make sure you’re not solo for long.






Thailand offers a plethora of adventures, and in one of the safest corners of the world. The more adventurous solo travelers could take up scuba diving, parasailing or guided trekking in the jungle while those after a little R&R can hit the shops for some amazing finds such as precious stones and sculptures or Thai silk scarves, then relax with a pocket-friendly spa destination.




Amazing bargains? Check. Beautiful beaches? Check. Low crime rates? Check. It really doesn’t get better and safer than Vietnam for solo women. And beyond the three-course meals worth a grand total of $3, there is much natural and cultural beauty to take in as well. Culture vultures can visit the ancient ruins at Hoi An the temples and pagodas of Hue, the country’s cultural and spiritual center while beach babes can go beach hopping on Phu Quoc Island by motorbike. For fitness frieaks, early morning tai chi with the locals of Hanoi is a treat.




Small but perfectly formed, Iceland offers the solo traveler not only breathtaking sights but also vibrant cultural and nightlife in the capital, Reykjavik, with its many theatres, museums, restaurants and shopping outlets. Make sure to visit the National Museum of Iceland and Hallgrimur's Church and bathe at Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Grindavík on the southwestern corner of the island.

Explorers who want to get up close and personal with the island’s dreamy scenery, should rent a 4x4 and drive to different farms for overnight stays.  Once out in the country, you can go hiking, horse riding and even rafting.




You may be surprised to know that, despite its North African location and Islamic culture, Morocco offers an almost European ambiance and is a perfect destination for solo travelers whether you’d like to have a unique shopping spree in the souks of Marrakech or take a day trip to take in Kasbahs, Saharan sand dunes, the High Atlas mountains and indigenous Berber villages. Don’t feel Marrakech is your only option though as Casablanca, Fes and Tangier also offer amazing travel experiences.




This Asian country has long boasted a reputation for being a safe destination and with good reason. This conservative Muslim country is safe, stable, budget-friendly and full of opportunities for the solo traveler from urban endeavours such as dining at capital Kuala Lumpur’s many topnotch restaurants offering fusion Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine to outdoor exploration such as meeting the orangutans on the jungle-clad island of Sabah. You can hike through the dense countryside or opt to relax on he beautiful beaches of coastal Borneo.




The fast-rising star of North Africa, Tunisia is on fast track to rival Morocco as a safe destination offering the adventurous travels the perfect blend of North African, Mediterranean and Islamic cultures. Explore the medinas of capital Tunis where you can haggle over rugs, leather goods and shisha pipes to your heart’s content with friendly salesmen, then take the Tunis-Goulette-Marsa train to the ruins at Carthage. Make sure to visit Sidi Bou Said, the picturesque village/artists’ colony with its gorgeous white cottages with blue doors and shutters.





Bike rides along the canals crisscrossing the city and socializing with some of the friendliest and most laidback locals across Europe. Any solo traveler might feel so at home in Amsterdam they may never leave. Rent a bike to take yourself around the city and visit the national parks, but also venture out of the city to explore smaller cities, like Utrecht, or the art capital of Maastricht.




With its picturesque mountains and lakes and big cities like Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne offering nightlife, culture and fine dining, Switzerland is an idyllic location for solo travelers. Zurich has on offer a vibrant beach scene along Lake Zurich, hipster living in West Zurich and topnotch museums like the Kunsthaus. In Lausannse overlooking Lake Geneva you can take in the breathtaking scenery while enjoying bistro dining. You can travel across the country with super fast SwissRail and enjoy the countryside as well as diverse hiking and mountainbiking trails for the more active. As for relaxation, Switzerland delivers equally well in the shape of the thermal baths at Yverdon-les-Bains. And of course it is also home to some of the finest ski resorts in the world, such as Grindelwald, Zermatt, and Verbier.



Costa Rica

If you are travelling solo, would you not rather travel across the happiest place on earth? And that is none other than Costa Rica. Ranking number 1 in the national rankings for happiness, and a respectable 27 in safety in 2013, Costa Rica is perfect for a peaceful trip for solo travelers. For a taste of adventure, why not go rafting on the Reventazón River or surfing in Malpais, or explore on horseback the volcano and geysers at Rincón de la Vieja National Park?

And beach babes should feel equally at home with many "hidden" beaches just a short drive from some of the country's most popular (and populous) destinations. One such is Playa Arcos, part of Marino Ballena National Park, and accessible only via a short hiking trail from La Cusinga Eco-lodge on a nearby hill; another Playa Cocalito located a short hike from Drake Bay. You can get to this beach suspension bridge passing through lush jungle, where you can spot monkeys and parrots.


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