Top Christmas Vacation Looks

Christmas is only two weeks away – yes, that is TWO WEEKS away (Where has the time gone!?). No doubt, you’ve already planned your outfit, right? If not, we’re to help. Even if you have meticulously planned outfits for 12 days of Christmas or just the one, you may find a few new suggestions here you like, so let’s have a look at some style choices for the few festive days we have coming up. Whether you’re going to be travelling, partying or staying at home with the family, we have an outfit for you.


The standard and most traditional thing to do is to be at home with friends and family, which undoubtedly tends to mean a whole lot of food, drinking, watching Christmas films, opening presents and some more eating. So you’re going to want to be comfortable, have a lot of space for food and drink and maybe something that won’t be too obvious if you end up missing your mouth and getting food/drink all over your clothes – you know, it happens.


A pair of jeans, cute jumper, super comfy slippers or pumps should do the trick. If you’re more fashion conscious but don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, maybe a dress with flat shoes, or even leggings/jeggings with a super cute top should have you looking good and feeling comfortable all day long. Here are a few ideas – don’t forget to add your Chritsmassy colours, or a bit of spice to that jumper; it’s all about being silly and having fun, right?


Let’s just hope your little sister doesn’t stick that photo of you rocking your Rudolph the red nose reindeer jumper on Facebook…

If you’re going for the much more suave, dinner party type Christmas get together, a simple LBD or harem ensemble should have you looking gorgeous, sophisticated and ready for whatever the night brings on. Love colour? Worry not, you can still work these into your outfit – pair your LBD with bright coloured jewellery, try out some Christmas inspired nail art, and don’t forget about the make-up – a bit of red lipstick here, a touch of emerald eye shadow there and you have your self a sophisticated party look!


Let’s not forget to mention those of you who may be abroad, enjoying Christmas on the beach, having a barbecue or maybe even just loving the snow. No matter where you are, we have a look for you!



No matter how, where and with whom you’re celebrating your Christmas with, just remember enjoy yourself and look good (for as long as possible) while doing it. Check out Room Suggestion for more information on where to stay during your Christmas holidays.