Ten Ways to Stay Stylish in Transit

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It is the international Women's month and here at RoomSuggestion we are all about women travelling. While travel often means a joyful few weeks away from normality, being in transit has its downsides, from recycled plane cabin air that steals all your skins moisture to humid air at your destination to play havoc with your hair. Let us check out the ten ways you can remain stylish while in transit.

1.       Keep your look simple.

Wearing all black is definitely a good travel option, and you can always add a touch of colour by accessorising with a scarf or maybe even a beanie hat or shoes to give your travelling look a little bit of pizazz. Don’t forget that you can layer up. Wear your most comfortable pair of jeans or leggings—preferably in a dark colour. Top off your look with a simple tee and a cozy sweater or relaxed blazer. Finally, twist on a scarf (or pack one in your carry-on). We all know that planes get chilly!

2.       Mineral Magic

It’s easy for your skin to get really dehydrated on a flight especially a long haul flight, with all that recycled air floating about your skin can suffer a lot. Have with you some facial cream, or a multi-taker cream which is even better to keep your hands, face and lips moisturised throughout your flight.

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3.       Life-saving bodywipes plus hand sanitizer

Traveling can definitely get a little chaotic; with sticky, smelly, sweaty encounters you can’t avoid. Hand sanitizer and body wipes are the best options you have, they can be very rejuvenating as well as refreshing in a not so clean situation. Also perfect for refreshing yourself after your long haul flight when a shower isn’t really an option, so make sure you pack yourself some wipes, even baby wipes can get the job done!


4.       Travel Size Toiletries

Getting the chance to clean up is a luxury during long haul travel, but if you’re lucky enough to get into a stay over hotel then travel size toiletries will be a heaven sent for you. Getting the chance to clean up especially with some of your favourite toiletries would make your travelling that much more bearable. Pack yourself some travel size toiletries from shampoo to shower gel and toothpaste you have the ingredients for a perfectly clean travel.

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5.       A Laptop / Tablet Computer

Some people may not agree to this being an essential travel item but there are many reasons why it is. It’s a good way of backing up your photos; you can use it to upload your photo’s to Facebook without messing about with a USB stick, using Skype to talk with friends and family; you can write an around the world travel blog or a private journal, you can watch movies and TV shows in those quieter moments where you need you normal comforts. You can use the internet as a trip planner whilst you travel’ if you have a tablet and can also download a trip planner application. Free wifi is practically everywhere these days.

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6.       A big carry-all tote bag

You need to be able to carry all your stuff one way or another and keeping it stylish would mean having a big sized tote bag, making sure all your stuff fits as and then some (if you’re lucky, us ladies carry way too much sometimes). Your laptop, make up essentials and change of clothing can all fit in one super sleek stylish tote bag keeping your whole look both fashionable and efficient!

7.       Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a perfect aid when you are travelling. Essential oils don't take up too much space in your bag, perfect for digestion, skin hydration and moisturizing as well as perfect for first aid, you really can’t go wrong. Lavender and petit grain are perfect for relaxing and getting to sleep throughout your flight while rosemary and juniper berries are best if you want to stay alert. Oh, one more must have is geranium to use on insect bites!

8.       Socks

Socks are a must have for any type of travel. You want to keep your feet warm and protected; there’s nothing worse than having to walk through security barefoot, or being a chilly flight wanting to relax but not being able to do so because your feet are too cold!

9.       Perfume

If there is anything you really don’t want to experience on your journey, it’s a nasty, wretched smell on a ten hour flight. But imagine how bad it would be if that smell was coming from you. A little perfume or even some deodorant can solve this problem instantly. Remember that traveling will likely consume quite a bit of your time so this is a necessity to staying and feeling fresh throughout your journey.


10.   Other essentials

You can’t forget your other travel essentials; they range from your smartphone to your iPod and camera as well as mints and water. All things are essential and believe it or not part of your stylish transit. Nobody wants smelly breath but you do want that perfect flight selfie!

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