Ten Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

There is no denying that there is something very poetic about road trips – just imagine the car top down, your hair in the wind, drive time music blasting on the car stereo, driving into the sunset. However, much like all other forms of travel, road trips require a certain amount of forward planning and preparation to ensure an smooth drive, if you will, so let’s have a look at ten essentials to factor in when setting on the road. If you want to have the ultimate road trip before summer’s end, do make sure you are covered.

road trip tips

Prep your Playlist

A road trip is no road trip without a carefully curated mix of drive time music, right? Don’t rush this process and leave it till the night before the long drive. Whether you’re the plug-in-your-smartphone-and-play or the old-school CD type, make sure you start preparing your music well in advance of your trip.


Update your Sat-Nav

Yes, there is a certain sense of nostalgia using maps navigating the route but the surefire way of getting around safe and swift these days, whether you are doing the California Highway or the ultimate Euro road trip, is to use satellite navigation. Make sure all your maps are up to date.


Stock up on Snacks

Whether you are travelling with your significant other or family, or doing a Thelma and Louise, it is essential to bring snacks for the journey. Not only will it keep you and your fellow passengers well sustained but it will also keep everyone in a happy mood.


Gadgets and Games

Gadgets are a must, especially when travelling with kids, to keep everyone entertained during long car journeys. For those who prefer old school fun, even simple games like ‘I Spy’ are sure to pass the time in a fun way.


Stay Powered up

Sat-navs and iPads are no fun if they are out of juice so be sure to pack your car chargers to keep your gadgets powered up.


Revamp your Emergency Kit

Definitely check out the highway requirements of the countries on your route and your destination as you may be required to purchase kit such as fire extinguishers and breathalysers or face fines if you don’t have the compulsory kit.


Keep Cool

No point in spending a fortune in gas stations on drinks when you can load up with cans and bottles. But no one wants to drink warm coke, right? Time to invest in a cooler to ensure your drinks are cool throughout the journey.


Up the Ante with Insurance and Road Rescue

The fastest way to ruin a perfect road trip must be getting stuck with a flat tyre or overheating engine in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country. Make sure your travel insurance is upgraded before you hit the road to get your insurance cover for travelling abroad.


Sign Language

Road signs can change significantly from one country to another so if you are travelling across a number of countries, it is prudent to brush up on the highway codes for the countries you're driving through to ensure you've covered up the signs.


Play it by the Ear

Yes, it is wise to have an itinerary and have your route planned but play it by the ear. Research any attractions you and your travel companions might be interested in so not only do you make frequent stops along the way but you also get to have fun sight-seeing.


Now that we’ve got the top tips sorted, it’s time to hit the road. Safe travels!