Ten Reasons Travel is Good for You

The third week of January is often said to be the most depressing of the year. As bills pile up, temperatures plummet down, New Year’s resolutions get broken and post-Christmas weight stays unbreakable, the end of what should be a fabulous beginning to the new year becomes a drag. It need not be though. Why not make yourself a cup of coffee and start planning your travels for the year ahead.

Travelling is such an endorphin inducing experience that even sitting down with a map or RoomSuggestion on your web browser is sure to give you an instant high. So let’s have a look at the top reasons travel is good for you, in the words of those who are far more travelled than we could ever dream to be.

st-augustine-travel-quote copy

If you had the world’s most educational and entertaining book in your library and did not bother to go past the first page, would you need to feel like you’ve missed out? With this analogy, St. Augustine sums up how just how fulfilling travel could be.


Is there a feeling better than to be on the move? As the old adage goes, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matter, and to continuously feel like one is making progress. What better way to do so than to be on the move, whilst discovering pastures new?

not all who wander-tolkien-travel-quote

In the fast-paced world that we live in, wandering is often frowned upon as a form of idling away, right? But sometimes it is good to wander and lose your troubles and somewhere along your wanderings discover inner peace.


Speaking of wandering, as Hilaire Belloc succinctly sums up, there are times we seek distraction and there are times we crave fulfillment. If the promise of fulfillment is at the other end of a long haul flight, then what are you waiting for?

Old Mutare Mission and Fairfield Children's Homes in Mutare, Zimbabwe

Sad but true, it’s often our prejudices that get in the way of discovering new worlds, new ways and new friends. And the best remedy for prejudice? Why, travel, of course! Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to have less fear and more friends?


In a world that often encourages pairing up like the animals on Noah’s Ark, it is sometimes refreshing to discover a new country on your own. So next time you fear being a solo traveler, imagine how fun it could be to march to the beat of your own drum.


Do you ever think of the amount of time we spend daily fretting over frivolous frustrations? It is only when on the edge of Niagara Falls or in the deep of the Sahara Desert we realise just how tiny we are in the grand scheme of the world, and how tiny our daily worries. Need we say more?


Once you are out in the midst of the Australian outback or the pristine sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic, who really gives two about what the Joneses are up to or the way your boss embarrassed you in the boardroom. Just relax and enjoy the ride – literally – and let all your baggage slide, and feel the incredible lightness of being.


What happens when your rental car breaks down in the middle of your road trip in the middle of nowhere? Or if you find yourself in a quarter of town with no sense of direction and no one speaking your languauge? Once you’re done cursing the gods of travel, you get your head together, think on your feet and make it through your predicament. And if you can make it through an unfortunate setback in a foreign country, you can make it anywhere. Congratulations, nimble feet!


The words of the Life’s Little Instruction Book author may sound a little too new age psychobabble for some, but the sentiment should be enough to get your heart racing and fingers gliding over the keyboard to book your next trip out of town. When you are in your sixties and suffering from arthritis, you may look back to when you were 30 and regret not going on that hiking holiday in the Portuguese countryside. So get your boots and get going.

If we’ve managed to keep the January blues at bay and convinced you that travel is really good for you, why not check out our special offers right here and book your next holiday.