Remember Jackie O at Monastero Santa Rosa

20 years ago today, the world bid farewell to one of the most unforgettable American First Ladies and a world style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. As we remember Jackie O it is only right to take you to one of her favourite hideaways in Europe, Monastero Santa Rosa.The Monastero Santa Rosa is a monastery-turned-hotel where Jacki O loved to take her children for lunch during her stay in the Italian coast. Whilst here she also loved to drive down to the Conca dei Marini to waterski, something the paparazzi who followed her delighted in.

The hotels reign as a holiday hideaway eventually came to an end and it stood neglected on its cliff top overlooking Conca dei Marini and Amalfi for many years. In 2012 the hotel made a budding comeback when it was bought by American owner Bianca Sharma who spotted the hotel over a decade ago. In it’s renewed glory the hotel welcomed new guests, the first among them being Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Nowadays the Monastero Santa Rosa prizes itself as one of the perfect places to experience seclusion without solitude. With only 20 rooms and suites it is cosy but luxurious and will leave you feeling rejuvenated after your stay. The views from the cliff top that  the hotel sits upon are tranquil and breath taking; they allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of life in the comfort of your own space. Whether it’s for an intimate getaway or a group vacation the Monastero Santa Rosa has something for everyone and you will find many areas on its grounds for you to explore or simply revel in its beauty.

Every room and suite is named after a herb the nuns would have used in making their medicines from the Monastero Santa Rosa garden. The bedrooms have been formed from vaulted ceilings and the primary structure of the nun’s rooms and refectory, linked together with ensuites. Each room presents a different view of the captivating sea that stretches from the Conca dei Marini’s fishing harbor below to Amalfi beyond.

The sea view premium terrace suite(Citrus) is probably one of the most historic and famous rooms out of the 20 the Monastero Santa Rosa has.In the 1960’s this room was where Jackie O would have her private lunches, back when the suites space used to be the hotels original dining area.

However, you can still enjoy a lovely dinner on the suites enormous terrace that hangs over the centre of the property with a direct view of the Amalfi Coast and summoning seas views. The interior of the suite blossoms with contemporary Italian style and is filled with beautiful antique pieces as well as fine Italian furnishings and bed linen.

Step into an oasis of spirituality at the Monastero Santa Rosa spa. The original rustic walls of th e17th-century monastery combined with the modern amenities will take you on a journey through time and customs. The fully equipped spa has a large scale of amenities that include a sauna, steam room, mosaic-tiled experience shower, hydro pool and tepidarium.

If you’re not up for the spa you can unwind at the hotels bar with a drink and engage in a game of chess or cards. For some alone time don’t forget to explore the resorts secret gardens, quiet sun decks and indoor relaxation areas. Tailor your stay to your needs by selecting different places to explore at any time.

In one of the most beautiful areas of the hotel lies its amazing vanished-edge infinity pool that has been architecturally sculpted into the rock-base of Monte San Pancrazio. At the lowest level of the Santa Rosa’s sloping cascade of gardens, it has a stunning view of the sea and its elliptical shape means it blends into the sea and disappears between the horizon and the sky, so you almost feel like your swimming with the Gods.

If you get the chance, it'll be worth experiencing the hotels beautiful view in the moonlight.