Make your Hotel Room Feel like Home

Travelling and living in the lap of luxury is fun most of the time but then it can also take a toll on you if it happens more often than not. And as fancy and becoming as it may be to have your every whim catered to, a luxurious comforting room, sometimes there’s the case of nothing beats your own personal space – and so we’d like to suggest a few ideas on how to make your hotel room feel like home away from home.

#1 Unpacking

One of the best things to do when you get to your hotel room is unpack. There’s nothing more annoying than living out of a suitcase – it’s so unhomely. It reminds you each time you need something to wear that you are not in your space, so why not try unpacking as soon as you arrive at your hotel and make yourself feel much more comfortable? Not only is it easier to access and choose what you want to wear in comparison to rummaging through a suitcase of clothes but it will make the room feel more like your space. Let’s not forget also that the sooner you hang your clothes inside a wardrobe, the less you will need to worry about crumpling them in your luggage.


#2 Clothes

Now when we pack to go away, we never really think of packing anything comfortable like comfortable lounging pants, or sleep socks you’d wear at home or even a small fleece blanket you’d snuggle into at the end of a long day. Adding little everyday ‘lounging’ items of clothing to your suitcase can make getting back to your hotel room less impersonal and more like returning to your own comfortable space.

#3 Bedroom essentials

There’s nothing like chilling out in your own bedroom with a lit candle or lamps for ambiance and soothing aromas. Why not pack one or two small travel candles to add a hint of home, bringing back the smells of your own space. If you’re going to one of those super strict hotels with firm rules on candles etc then a simple diffuser or your favourite air freshener could suffice – it’s all about the smells and making yourself much more comfortable in your own space.


#4 Bedding

Now, of course you can’t pack all your bedding with you; just think of all that weight! What about taking your favourite pillow with you or even better just a pillow case to remind you of your own bed? We all love our beds and I personally tend to miss my own bed dearly if I’m away from it for longer than 12 hours, so why not take a bit of your bed on vacation with you? A pillowcase is easy to pack, light and the best thing to rest your head on at the end of the day… Genius, right? Alternatively pack a linen spritzer to give the hotel bed linen a little touch of your favourite smell – sleeping in sheets you feel comfortable in will instantly make you feel much more at home.

#5 Photographs

Nothing says home like a selection of photographs hanging on your walls or framed on your bedside table. For a totally personal touch to your hotel room, pack a photograph or two to stand on your bedside table – embarrassing photos, memories, family – you name it, they add that element of home to any space and make your room seem less stark and more your own.


#6 Food/Snacks

Not a completely obvious choice and somewhat limiting but taking small things such as fruit, your favourite tea/coffee, snacks to keep in your room will give you a sense of not being far from home. Having your favourite bits of food around can settle and add a personal touch to your room – I mean it’s not in every city you’ll find you can get your favourite biscuits or other food form. However, do check custom regulations at your destination so as not to get your fresh fruits confiscated even before you arrive at your hotel room.

#7 Technology

A big one and so obvious, especially with hotels advancing with the rest of the world but sometimes there’s something missing. Bringing your iPod dock and iPod with you is one of the best ways you can make yourself feel at home – chilling to your favourite playlist can make you feel right at home and less like you’re in a hotel room. Don’t forget your phone charger and laptop – major necessities in this day and age. If watching YouTube videos all evening is one of your favourite past times, enjoy it in your hotel room. Going to a European country? There’s nothing worse than forgetting to invest in an adapter (believe me, I speak from experience!). And let’s not forget about your phone, the closest thing to home, as you can ring anyone at any time and feel like you’re right at home with them. So make sure you have all your technological essentials before you hit your hotel room.


#8 Toiletries

You can’t beat your own toiletries and necessities no matter where you are. Maybe it’s a comfort thing but having your own toiletries and keeping up your health and beauty routine will make you feel a lot more settled in your space. Yes, hotel toiletries can be nice and luxurious to use as a change every now and then, but for long trips, your favourite shampoo and moisturiser will keep you, your skin and hair happy!


#9 Maintain parts of your regular routine

It can be completely disorientating and weird being in a new country/city but keeping up your normal routine can ease you into feeling a lot more comfortable. If you’re a yoga kinda person first thing in the morning, get to doing your yoga. Morning and evening showers? Stick to that routine.


#10 Room service

I know you may be wondering where I am going with this, but do let me explain. Think about it, you don’t have room service at home, the best thing about having your own space is being able to make your own bed or leave your room an absolute hot mess and know that when you return it’ll be in the exact same state you left it in, so how about NOT ordering room service for maybe a two – three day stretch. Keep your own home routine and voila – home away from home.