Lagos the stylish way

As Fashion Month continues full speed, we contniue our journey around the world through underrated fashion capitals. Cape Town and Beijing ticked off the list, we are on to Lagos. Yes, Lagos! Granted, you don't automatically think of Lagos as a fashion destination but with not one, not two but countless fashion weeks and red carpet events it is the place to be. Let's check out why.


Meet Ez of Beauty in Lagos, a part time model, full time 9-5er and full time beauty junkie. she's our blogger this week, giving us the ins and outs of her city - Lagos. 

Beauty in Lagos, Ez


Why Lagos? What do you love most about your city?

Lagos is an emerging city bustling with activity. An 'emerging' environment has it's pros and cons. Main 'pro' being that a lot of ideas and businesses have not been created so you have the rare opportunity to bring something new into the market. This is near impossible in the Western world. Main 'con' is there is no benchmark or standard as it were, so you need to set your own rules and boundaries and get people to understand that you are running a business and they need to take you seriously. Some people will get it at first, most won't. But the latter always come back


 What do you miss most when you're away?

I miss the FOOD! Suya being the main thing. I am addicted to Suya. I also miss the comfort of being in a familiar environment

What is the first thing you do when you return?

 Head to Glover Court for some Suya lol

Where is the best place to stay (hotel wise)?

I don't generally stay in hotels. I don't really like living in an unfamiliar space, just the thought of someone else having used the toilet, or slept in the bed creeps me out. Yes, I know hotel rooms are cleaned daily, but that's me. But best place to stay will be Oriental Hotel. I stayed at Regent Hotel in Ikeja once, it was very nice too.

Lagos Oriental Hotel

 Where would you meet friends for a drink?

 Churrasco or Rhapsody's in VI

What are your favourite places for lunch?

 Orela's in Ikoyi 

And for dinner?

Steakhouse at the Wheatbaker Hotel

Best place to club it up?

Likwid or Sip

Where is the best place to shop?

Polo Avenue, Florence H, L'Espace, Mango 

Polo Avenue lagos

Where would you take a first time visitor?

To the Beach (Ilase)

What would you tell them to avoid?

 Avoid walking anywhere lol

 What is the one absolute must do thing in your city and why?

You must go to the beach at least once, the boat ride is an experience on it's own, and also experience the nightlife! No one knows how to party like a Lagosian, we LOVE to party.

Lekki Beach, lagos