How to vacay like Bey

It's almost the end of summer holidays and as we make the most of the last few days of holidays, we have stalked the queen of eternal summer Beyoncé - all in the name of research of course - to bring you our top tips on how to vacay like Bey.

Beyonce on vacation

Lap up the sea

Beyonce is known for her love for the sea – any chance she gets she’s vacationing by the sea, loosing herself in it whether it be for a swim or to just dip her toes in with little Blue Ivy. Float among the mass of the ocean and centre yourself among the waves – the sea is known to have a calming effect and with a crazy schedule like hers it’s no wonder King Bey is always by the ocean when she’s not working.

Beyonce floating in ocean

Bronze up in the sun

Beyonce make up free

Have you ever wondered how she keeps her stunning golden skin always so perfectly bronzed and flawless? A little bit of sun never hurt – it turns out it’s quite healthy for your skin and going without make up as the songstress does will give your skin an stunning even glow and a cute fresh faced look anyone can pull off on holiday – it’s the perfect excuse to not lather on make-up and have your skin caked under masses of cosmetics.

Beyonce vacation shot

Try some water sports

She did sing about that ‘surfbort’ afterall. Be silly, try something new and have fun as the stunning Beyoncé did on a surfboard. She was recently captured loving life on vacation trying out her skills on a surf board. The perfect chance to lean is while you’re on vacation and nothing is being taken too seriously – think of the fun and memories and hey maybe even a funny story or two of you trying out your skills on the surf board.


Enjoy exclusivity

Beyonce and Jay-Z Yatch vacation

With her level of fame of course exclusivity for some downtime is a must! Beyoncé always seems to enjoy her vacations a lot, uncrowded in the best locations and the most stunning hotels that offer the perfect zen place away from all the madness.

If she’s not on land she’s on a private yatch enjoying her family and her time away from work – again playing with being at one with her surroundings and being away from all the madness – ideal for some R&R time.

Beyn=once holiday snaps

So get yourself booked and out in the world for the perfect holiday, do it like Queen Bey and you’re guaranteed to come back refreshed and reenergized, looking all kinds of beautiful with your new found sun-kissed glow and centred self. If you can holiday like Beyoncé you can most certainly take over the world like Beyoncé – it all makes sense.