How to Fly Flawless

Surf's up, school's out, summer is officially here, and often summer holidays means long haul flights to far away destinations. But how to endure an 8-hour flight looking as flawless as when you got on board? We have all the travel essentials  and tips you could need to avoid taut skin and bleary eyes. Bon voyage!
Travel Style
Wearing all black on a flight is always a good idea; think no major visible staining, no sweat patches – you get the idea. If you’re really a colour person, accessorise with a cute scarf or wear a touch of colour in your sneakers to add some pop to your look. 
All Black Airport Style
From your look to your skin; keep you skin hydrated and moisturised. It’s easy for your skin to get really dehydrated on a flight especially a long haul flight, with all that recycled air floating about your skin can suffer a lot. Have with you some facial cream, or a multi-taker cream which will be amazing in keeping your hands, face and lips moisturised throughout your flight. Did we mention that make-up is a bad idea? Keep it to a minimal, a touch of foundation a tiny bit of mascara and some lip balm and you’re travel ready. Wearing a full face of make-up during a long haul flight is not ideal, for your skin or for your look. Your skin needs to be able to breathe, and stay hydrated as we mentioned. Keeping it simple means your skin can beautiful and hydrated, besides you can always get your full face of make up on once you’ve landed.
Travel Skincare
While you’re thinking of your skin, don’t forget to invest in a personal neck pillow, nobody wants a stiff neck – it’s a pain! Invest in a travel neck pillow to stay comfortable and stylish on flight. Pair it with an eye mask and ear plugs and you’re bound to have decent night’s sleep. Who said long haul flights have to be all bleary eyes and listening to kinds screaming – enjoy your flight and indulge yourself in some comfort.
Neck Pillow
We can’t forget to mention the necessity for hand sanitizer; you know how sweaty and smelly planes can get. Avoid sticky situations by keeping a hand sanitizer close by. Mix it by usisng baby wipes too which are just as effective and perfect for freshening up seeing as the on-flight shower option is not really an option. Talking about smell if there is anything you really don’t want to experience on your journey, it’s a nasty, wretched smell on a ten hour flight. But imagine how bad it would be if that smell was coming from you. A little perfume or even some deodorant can solve this problem instantly. Remember that traveling will likely consume quite a bit of your time so this is a necessity to staying and feeling fresh throughout your journey.
Travel Essesntials
Now bearing this all in mind, invest in a carry all tote bag to keep all your essentials in one travel easy bag, while keeping your ensemble stylish. Fit in your laptop, make up essentials and change of clothing keeping your whole look both fashionable and efficient.
Travel tote
You can’t forget your other travel essentials; they range from your smartphone to your iPod and camera as well as mints and water. All things are essential and believe it or not part of your stylish transit. Nobody wants smelly breath but you do want that perfect flight selfie!
Travel Camera