Hotel in History: Raffles Singapore

Raffles Singapore is a hotel that is rich with history and mystery, a hotel that stands at the crossroads of civilisation and culture, and forever remains a colonial oasis in the heart of Singapore. First opened in 1887, and Immortalised by writers including Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway and Alfred Hitchcock, Raffles Singapore is one of the oldest and most famous hotels in Singapore and one of the city's landmarks in its own right. So if you're likely to pay Singapore a visit, Raffles Singapore is a must. 

Raffles Hotel Room Suggestion

The hotel has had a long and ever changing history, at the end of world war two it was used as a transit camp for prisoners of war, and In 1987, the Singapore government declared the hotel a National Monument. In 1989 the hotel was closed for extensive renovation and did not re open till 16 September 1991; while the hotel was restored to its former glory, many changes were made, all rooms were converted to suites and the Long Bar where Ernest Hemingway often visited was moved from the lobby to a new adjoining shopping arcade.

Raffles Hotel 1932

The Raffles Hotel Museum was unfortunately closed in 2012. However, when the museum was running it housed all the rich history of the hotel. People from all over the world who stayed at the hotel would return their memorabilia and items from the hotel, which included photographs, china postcards and rare editions of the works of famous writers who stayed there. 

Raffles Hotel Museum

Fast forward to present times and the hotel is home to 103 suites, 15 Restaurants and bars, a spa, outdoor swimming pool, shopping arcade, Jubilee Hall theatre, gymnasium and much more. We can safely say that there is enough activities and places within the hotel grounds to keep you occupied your entire stay.

Banquet Hall Raffles

There are so many suites to choose from at Raffles Singapore, but one of the best suites is the Palm Court Suites, which border one side of the hotel’s main building. Here you will find an abundance of simplicity and serenity, elegant period furnishings and Oriental carpets perfectly arranged on teakwood flooring. In addition, each Palm court suite comes with the hotels original and authentic 14-foot ceilings and common veranda.

Palm Court Suite

With 24-hour room service, there is no need to ignore your late night cravings whatever they may be. The full works are provided: breakfast, drinks, salads, local dishes, Western mains, puddings and afternoon tea. There is even a children friendly menu which features spaghetti, fish and chips, hamburgers and of course our favourite treat, ice-cream.

Hotel Service Raffles Singapore

Feeling in the mood for some rejuvenation in a haven of relaxation, well look no further Raffles Spa features exclusive rejuvenating treatments, inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions. There are seven soothing treatment rooms, including a VIP suite which has a Jacuzzi, steam shower and a lounge area for added privacy and tranquillity.

Spa Raffles Singapore

This restaurant was officially named the Tiffin Room in 1976, ‘Tiffin’ actually meaning ‘a light mid-day meal. Mild chicken curry was one of the few Asian dishes served here and became an essential part of the colonial life, especially on Sundays. Nowadays, dinning at Tiffin Room is still an important and essential experience during your stay at Raffles Singapore. An elaborate curry buffet is prepared at lunch and dinner, which is a hot favourite amongst tourists and residents so be sure to try it, there is also the option of high tea and more.

Tiffin Room

The Long Bar is one of Raffles Singapore’s oldest treasures and greatest attractions. Filled with simplistic, natural and down to earth décor, the two-storey bar was inspired by the Malayan plantations of the 1920s. It’s the perfect place to relax after a long day, where you can sample almost every alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoction imaginable, and enjoy contemporary/popular live music from the bars band.

Long Bar

Of course, you can’t leave without trying the acclaimed Singapore Sling, a drink that was brought to life in the Long Bar and frequently ordered by famous customers who visited the bar.

Singapore Sling