Five Looks for the Easter Holidays

With one week to go to the Easter weekend, whether you're travelling to get together with family or for a leisurely long weekend, this is when the rush to pack your holiday looks begins. Here at RoomSuggestion we’ve got you covered though. Here are our five looks from fashionable family get-togethers to stylish spring breaks we think you could rock this Easter.


Easter Church Service

Going to a church service of course means keeping your look classy, respectable yet fashionable but not too flashy – how on earth are you supposed to achieve all those components!? Well we have a few suggestions. You really can’t go wrong with a midi-dress in A-line, loose fitting or body fitting (to a respectable degree of course). Opt for something just below the knee, if you’re petite heels are an absolute must to pair with a midi! If you’re going sleeveless, you’re likely to need to accessorize, a cute scarf or cardigan will do the trick without ruining your outfit. To keep your look classy yet not boring accessories in general will become your best friend, understated rings paired with statement necklaces would work beautifully with a full midi dress! A pair of heels will also go a long way in keeping the class and sophistication, however if you’re not a heel s type of girl, or you’ve naturally been blessed with height then a simple cute pair of ballet pumps will work perfectly with your look. Complete the whole ensemble if you so desire with a modern Easter bonnet or a simple hair accessory like a head band to give you that air of youth and/or class.

easter church look

Easter Egg Hunting

Easter egg hunting means a lot of getting down and dirty, running and round and well just being playful. Keep your look playful and comfortable and you’re bound to have a good time! What about trying a playsuit in pastel colours or maybe even playful floral shorts paired with a simple white blouse, keeping your look youthful yet classy, oh and we can’t forget to mention comfortable! Keep your shoes flat or opt for flatforms giving you a bit of height (and that leg definition we all love from high shoes) while remaining comfy for running around and being a big kid!

easte egg hunting look

Easter Brunch and Family time

All about family time and keeping it classy, Easter brunch and downtime with the family means you can keep your look casual chic. Wear a dark pair of skinny jeans a peplum top, accessorize and complete your look with a low chunky heel or flat ballet pumps. Looking for a much more girly look then consider a free flow skirt be it maxi or short and pair with a simple pastel coloured top and cute shoes to match, from sandals to cute wedges.

easter brunch look

Go from Easter Church Service to Brunch to Egg Hunting

This is for all those fashionistas out there with a jam packed Easter Sunday, hoping from one thing to another. Of course you’re not going to have enough time to be changing your outfit every other hour so your only option is finding the perfect outfitthat will transition seamlessly from one event to the next.

easter church brunch and egg hunting look

Opt for a simple midi-dress either A-line or fitted or even a skirt to pair with a gorgeous peplum top, easy to shift from looking smart and sophisticated to stylish and fun! Feeling a little bit more risqué and want to play on being fashionable then try out a just above the knee fitted dress, pair it with a stylish long kimono that you can wear in church and remove after the service when it comes to getting down and dirty hunting those Easter eggs with the rest of the family. Rock a pair of cute heels during the day and change them come play time to a playful pair of pumps. Totally Casual Easter Celebrations This could involve anything from being in the kitchen all day helping cook to running around with or after the kids and keeping them entertained during the ever western traditional egg hunt. This kind of Easter would of course be laid back, nothing too fancy but be all about family and celebrating without the completely traditional aspects of Easter.

casual easter

Now how to pick your outfit; well keep it causal, comfortable and simple. You can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, a simple tee or shirt in pastels or even a bit more colour add some tartan or floral prints to spice up your outfit – fashion is all about breaking the rules after all. Keep your shoes flat and comfortable, if you must add a bit of height a pair of flat forms would be perfect! Belong to a family with little cute traditions; maybe rocking an Easter jumper with your jeans just for the photos wouldn't go amiss.   S how will you be celebrating this Easter and what will you be wearing? Drop us a comment or send us in your own suggestions. Happy Easter!

Five Looks for the Easter Holidays