Destination of the week: Trinidad and Tobago

As Trinidad and Tobago gets ready for its Independence Day celebrations this weekend, let's take a look at what makes T&T perfect for a spot of R&R.

independence day

There is so much that makes Trinidad and Tobago a great place to visit, from its rich history to the contagious love of music and its diverse culture and ethnicities; all these things unite and make up this amazing dual-island nation.  


If you want to enjoy the pleasure of life in a laid back environment then centre your trip around Tobago, but if your more adventurous and nature inclined then Trinidad is the place you should focus on, but ultimately you will be in paradise whenever you go. Prepare yourself to experience beaches so mesmerizing you will be left speechless, first-class diving, an amazing carnival and luxuriant rainforests great for hiking and cycling.


Setting off on your own can be fun but sometimes it’s nice to go on tours to really learn about the sites you visit. One we recommend is a Trinidad and Tobago plantation tour where you will dive into the island extensive history. On this tour you will drive through Tobago’s capital, Scarborough and visit Fort King George before taking a journey through the unique Windward Road to enjoy spectacular mountain scenery, sprawling beaches and small coastal villages. There will also be a visit to a 10th century sugar plantation house and the fishing village of Charlottesville, with an amazing backdrop of Pigeon Peak, Tobago's highest mountain behind it.


Awaken the adventurer inside of you by going on a Wild Turtle Dive Safari. The safari is certified by PADI and diver recommended. They offer open-water dive certification (US$375) as well as refresher, advanced and dive master classes. If one day isn’t enough for you, you can also go on the overnight Dive Safari (US$325) which includes five dives and camping on a remote beach.


We definitely recommend taking a trip to maracas bay, where you will find one of Trinidad’s most popular beaches. The white sand beach is an irresistible destination for locals and travellers with its thick palm trees and beautiful backdrop of verdant mountains. There are changing rooms, showers, picnic shelters and huts selling cold drinks on the beach, if you want a lively environment go on the weekend, but if you want it to feel like your own private paradise then go during the weekday. Surfers will be delighted to know that the beach serves up some great waves and there are lifeguards present to secure safety.

maracas bay

Trinidad and Tobago has a diverse cultural background so it’s no surprise that there is a magnificent Hindu temple sitting at the end of a causeway jutting off the central west coast. The temple is named after its creator called Sewdass Sadhu Shiv Mandir. Full of gratitude as he returned safely from India through the WWII-embattled waters of the Pacific, he committed himself to building the temple. Unfortunately when he started building in 1947 he was actually building on state land and so he’s efforts were demolished till he started building again out in the sea up until he died in 1970,, with is work still incomplete. The Hindu community finally finished the temple in 1995, and now its beauty dazzles every individual who come across it. Although the site is sacred to Hindus visitors are welcome but must remove their shoes before entering.


‘The Savannah’ was once part of a sugar plantation but is now a public park where you will see locals playing games of cricket or football, kids flying kites and people jogging by. For a day of relaxation, you can have a picnic here or simple just walk around and take in the gorgeous surroundings whilst you people watch. There are also concerts and carnival events that take place at the south side of the park between the grandstand and the north stand. On other occasions you may see a line of tents to the right of the Grandstand where locals queue up to buy delights such as pholourie and spicy chicken once the sun sets. Opposite the Grandstand, the National Academy of the Performing Arts provides a wonderful backdrop to the park and especially at night when it is lit up.

Queens park

If you want to enjoy some real Caribbean and creole cuisine then head over to Kariwak restaurant where they use fresh ingredients and organic herbs and vegetables from their own garden.  The restaurant sits under a thatched roof with coral stone walls with wonderful ambience. Breakfast includes a healthy bowl of fresh fruit, eggs, fish, homemade granola and bread. At lunch and dinner there is set menus, but don’t worry they only create masterpieces.


The shade premier nightclub is where it’s at in Tobago and an experience you won’t want to miss out on. As the only open air nightclub on the island you can expect to see a buzzing and lively crowd when the sun goes down, good food, and great Caribbean and international music playing. The club disco lights and fog machines are a favourite amongst the younger crowd; overall, you’ll have an unforgettable time.

the shade

Stay in luxury at the beautiful Carlton Savannah; nestled on a mountain in Cascade, located minutes away from downtown Port of Spain and adjacent to the gorgeous Queens Park Savannah, you can be sure to achieve all your business goals with ease or relax and enjoy the culture and experience with first class service.The hotel features 160 guest rooms and 51 suites with Juliette balconies, with beautiful bamboo and flora all around. Stay here and the peace you will feel  will last long after your visit is over.

Carlton Savannah