Destination of the week: Italy

Italy could only be described as the kingdom of all things stylish, artistic, tasteful and beautiful. This glorious country has been responsible for some of the most important artistic works and famous artists in the world like Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Culture beckons you at every turn and ancient treasures will captivate your curiosity. Beyond the art, opera and fashion, there is the beauty of Italy’s nature from the North’s icy Alps and glacial lakes to the South’s volcanic craters and turquoise grottoes, there are so many natural delights to witness. It is almost impossible to not fall madly in love with Italy, as it continuously entices each of your senses.

Italy Room Suggestion

A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without visiting it’s show stopping cities which include Venice, Florence and Rome. In Italy you will find the Epicentre of the Roman Empire and birthplace of the Renaissance, there is so much to see that  you will need to schedule your days to fit it all in. Cultural wonders such as Michelangelo's David and Sistine Chapel frescoes, Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Primavera, da Vinci's The Last Supper, and  more will leave you speechless.


The Sistine Chapel is a must see when visiting Italy, it is a breath taking work of architecture and is best known for two of the most magnificent creations in the history of visual arts Michelangelo's Genesis frescoes on the barrel-vaulted ceiling and his Giudizio Universale on the end wall. The chapel was built between 1656 and 1667 as a place for Christian people to gather and the piazza was designed to open up before its visitors as they escaped the busy narrow streets.

Sistine Chapel

Step into Roman culture and one of Rome’s top tourist attractions at Rome’s Colosseum. The 50,000-seat gladiator arena was introduced in AD 80 and used to stage amazing gladiatorial games in front of large, loud and bloodthirsty crowds. The Colosseum was built by the emperor Vespasian and took 8 years to complete, upon which a celebration was held to mark the occasion. This celebration consisted of games that lasted 100 days and nights, where around 5000 animals were slaughtered; I guess we could say the Romans idea of marking an occasion was different to our own, but still grand.


The creation of the architectural wonder that is Basilica di San Marco took nearly 800 years to complete. The story tells us that In AD 828 Venetian merchants allegedly smuggled St Mark’s corpse out of Egypt in a barrel of pork fat to avoid inspection by Muslim customs authorities, then Venice built a golden basilica around its stolen saint. The outside of the basilica makes you feel as if you are about to step into something divine as you are met by the gleaming mosaics, stonework arches and Greek columns

Basilica di San Marco

Once you step inside, you’ll be left in even more awe as you gaze upon the glittering mosaics made out of 24 carat gold leaf. The Dome of Genesis depicts the separation of sky and water in the churches atrium and the atriums vault in covered in last judgement mosaics.

BasilicaSan Marco

The basilica will definitely be one of the most beautiful things you lay your eyes upon, and as you tour around the inside there will be more than a dozen moments of gasping as you contemplate the intricacy, thought  and dedication that went into its development. Divinity has been captured so elegantly in its making, that it’s no wonder it took 800 years to finish.


Discover the beauty in opera at La Fenice originally built in 1792 with Claudio Monteverdi, the father of modern opera as its choirmaster. Verdi’s famous works Rigoletto and La Traviata were premiered at La Fenice, and it soon made a name for itself. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had the happiest of histories with it being burnt down twice in 1836 and 1996. When it was finally rebuilt in 2003, it marvelled guests with a reprise performance of La Traviata.

Teatro La Fenice

It wouldn’t be a complete visit to Italy without looking upon the beauty and tranquillity of Cinque Terre, where five uniquely constructed fishing villages lay. The villages are set amongst some of the most wonderful coastal scenery you’ll ever see, and alluring enough to make you appreciate life and nature. It’s no surprise it was made a World Heritage Site in 1997, but don’t worry it’s still a peaceful get away from the main cities and cars are conveniently banned.

Cinque Terre

There are so many great hotels to choose from in Italy, but we’ve decided to pick the Belmond Villa San Michele in Florence, the city which is home to Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. The Belmond Villa San Michele sits in the hillside town of Fiesole just above the city, a former Franciscan monastery it is now known as a renowned boutique hotel.

Belmond Villa San Michele

Rose scented air and beautiful gardens will fill your senses upon arrival, easing you into your warm and peaceful stay. The rooms and suites are all unique and you will find gorgeous antiques within them, as well as lovely views and bright Florentine textiles.  The villa’s cooking school is guarantee that the food will be nothing short of spectacular, attracting well-known chefs from around the world.

Belmond Villa San Michele

So enjoy your cultural holiday of a lifetime in beauitful Italy, and try to visit as many cities as you can, so you can fully experience it's diversity.