Destination of the week: Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the greatest places you’ll ever visit and the fourth most populace country in the world. It’s a place full of adventure and a land of so many different cultures, people, customs and features, that it honestly feels like 100 plus countries unified into one.  On each island there is a unique blend of people whose deep and rich cultures have developed over time. 

Balinese Temple

The country is filled with miles of empty beaches, steamy verdant rainforests, volcano studded valleys, culture rich cities and ancient temples. The experiences you have here will be truly epic, and will make you fall in love with the incredible Indonesia.

Bedugul Indonesia

The Gili Islands are the perfect place for ultimate beach relaxation with their turquoise blue and warm waters. Serenity and beauty is all that will meet you when you arrive here, and with no motorised traffic you are sure to have a peaceful time. Stylish bungalows and white sand decorated the islands, as well as the friendly locals who are more than welcoming. Relax on the beach under the sun during the day and party at night, at the collection of beach bars who host weekly parties. 

Gili Islands

While you’re here you might as well try the amazing food it has to offer. One of the best local restaurants is the Blu da Mare, an authentic and intimate Italian-owned trattoria. If you love your food fresh you won’t be disappointed; the lady of the house makes her own bread and pasta and grills the meat and fish to complete satisfaction. It’s safe to say that these island are so wonderful you’ll find it extremely hard to leave.

Blu da Mare

Indonesia has some of the world’s best diving and the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia are testimony to that. Raja Ampat’s is made up of about 1600 uninhabited islands, it’s pristine coral reef systems and extreme diversity of marine life make it a scuba divers fantasy come to life. The best way to describe it would be like swimming in your own large tropical aquarium. The island isn’t just great for scuba diving and snorkelling however, it’s also great for exploring the jungle covered islands and visiting the hidden lagoons and mysterious caves.

Home to the Dani people, the legendary Baliem valley is one of the most popular and accessible destinations in Papua. Baliem valley is a very precious place and all who visit it are appreciative of its beauty. Although the Dani people who inhabit it once only relied on tools of stone have now adopted many modern ways, their home still remains one of the world’s last fascinating and traditional areas.  You can take a trek through the main valley which is about 60km long and 16km wide, where you will meet the town of Wamena at its centre and also see the beautiful Baliem river which runs through the valley. There are very few roads and rivers are crossed by hanging foot bridges that are held together by natural twine. If you’re up for the challenge and the once in a life time experience then we recommend a trek through the valley.

Baliem Valley

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Hermitage Jakarta