Cape Town the Stylish Way

Fashion Month is upon us and of course we are talking all things fashion this month. But forget New York, London, Milan, Paris, this time around we set our sights on far-flung fashion capitals of the world. First stop, Cape Town. 

Cape Town

Meet Blair Rurale-Smith, lover of fashion and film, he gives us a little intel on Cape Town from his personal favourite hot spot to places to see off the tourist beaten track.

Blair Rurale-Smith


Why Cape Town?

You should rather be asking yourself why not Cape Town? It's the perfect blend of the Third World & First World, so you can get your African experience in sheer style and comfort.


What do you love most about your city?

Diversity makes Cape Town, Cape Town! Locals, foreigners, beaches, grasslands, vineyards, townships, mansions, forests, deserts, nightlife, 'day life'.

 We truly have it all - and I truly love what Cape Town offers come summer or winter

Cape Town diversity


What do you miss most when you're away?

I miss the people when I am away from Cape Town - everyone from the Nigerian Taxi Drivers to Camps Bay's wealthy.


What is the first thing you do when you return?

A 'quick' drink with mates & colleagues that often goes on for far too long!


Where is the best place to stay (hotel wise)?

The Mount Nelson is Cape Town's legendary hotel but for people on a tighter budget - places central like The Pepper Club, The Taj or Park Inn Cape Town Foreshore are awesome options at which to stay.

Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town

Where would you meet friends for a drink?

That's all dependent on mood, either Orphanage Cocktail Emporium on Bree Street for cocktails or Beer House on Long Street for 1 of their 99 beer selections.

Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

What are your favourite places for lunch? And for dinner?

For a tasty, quick and quirky Lunch, The Royale Eatery is my always my first choice for Burgers that you would break your diet for, or salads for the more controlled folk.

And for dinner I would do a young pop to either Woodstock Lounge or Tap Room, both are closer to my neck of the woods and have a great selection of food that's only topped by the friendliness of their staff!


Best place to club it up?

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs - there are far too many options in Cape Town which, often leads to far too much confusion. - I always rather opt for Weekend "Pop-Up Clubs" like Cold Turkey or Nomadics Rooftop of Dreams. Otherwise either Waiting Room, Assembly, Dragon Room or Jade has your back on Weekdays.


 Where is the best place to shop?

The V&A waterfront has a nice mix of local & foreign goods and has everything from African Curio goods (for your besties back home) to Louis Vuitton (for yourself).

SA Fashion


Where would you take a first time visitor?

Sundowners at Signal Hill, everyone’s favourite lookout point in Cape Town.


 What would you tell them to avoid?

Dressing in Khaki Safari Gear whilst you explore the streets, you not in the jungle. And stop travelling in droves of foreigners, mix with the locals - we love interacting, and we will point you to the better places and better deals!


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