Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

Taking off on a journey on your own? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered here on Room Suggestion with a list of some of the best destinations to indulge yourself in a whole of ‘me me me’ time while surrounded by some of the most stunning destination across the globe – totally self-indulgent – almost better than chocolate! There are many travellers who claim that traveling alone is the best way to see the world. From doing nothing but café hopping to lolling on a beach or enjoying great halls and museums there’s nothing like doing everything on your own time and at your own pace.


La Fortuna, Costa Rica

The country that emerges as both the best country for solo travel, being the safest and the happiest in the world how could you go wrong. Think adventure and go for it and you are bound to have one of the best holidays ever! Take a bus from San Jose to the town of La Fortuna where you’ll find the Arenal Volcano, go zip lining across the rainforest hovering over waterfalls and trees with monkeys! From hot springs to jumping in waterfalls to stargazing Costa Rica is undoubtedly likely to be the best experience of your life! Check yourself into Arenal Backpackers, a five star hostel that’s bound to meet your every need a spectacular with the friendliest staff and an amazing view of the Arenal Volcano you’ll forget that it’s a hostel as it feels more like a resort.


 Pai, Thailand

Thailand is revered for it’s solo travellers, fun seeking tourists and more, which means you’re likely to meet from across the world, of different walks of life – some interesting and possibly end up with long lasting friendships, bottom line being Thailand is a must at some point for every solo traveller. Pai, a hippie town nestled in the mountains of Northern Thailand is where you’ll find dread, hippie pants, Thai Jack Sparrow, musicians and free spirits, and believe it or not there’s something about this town that will turn you free spirit too. Hop on a motorbike or scooter and find some of the most beautiful sceneries. Discover the infinity valleys and mountains, explore the caves and slide down waterfalls. Once you’ve done all that check yourself into Spicy Pai a hostel made of huts sitting in a rice field, make some friends, get intoxicated with them – be a free spirit. Thailand will have you think you’re one at least!


Borneo, Malaysia

With a well-deserved reputation for being a safe, stable, conservative Muslim country, Malaysia has the hallmarks of an ideal exotic locale for single travellers. Visit Borneo the part of Malaysia where the country’s flavourful spicy cuisine mixed in with Chinese and Indian cultures come to a head, perfect location for any foodie! Don’t forget to fully check out the mountainous and jungle clad island best known for orang-utans and tribal people! You can stay in affordable five-star comfort in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur or at beach resorts. Then cross the water to spend nights in a longhouse in Sarawak on the same trip. Who says you have to slum it just because you might be country hopping?


Vienna, Austria

From Mozart concerts at the Musikverein in Vienna to hiking through a Sound of Music countryside, Austria makes it easy for those who travel alone. There are Hapsburg palaces and museums to explore and plenty of cafés that are ideal for single diners. With trains connecting every city and village, getting around is easy. Go walking along the lakes near Salzburg or take a cruise along the Danube. And if your travels bring you here in winter, St. Anton rocks as one of the best ski party towns in Europe. We can’t forget to suggest that you consider a spa day at Bad Ischl and you absolutely MUST visit one of the several heurigen (wine taverns) that surround Vienna, your trip would be incomplete without these. Check into Classic Hotel Wien, which offers an array of packages from musical packages to champagne packages, they have half of your holiday already sorted out for you.


Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia is on its way to becoming the new Morocco, thanks to the Brits, Italians, and French who flock to its Mediterranean beaches. Tucked between Algeria and Libya, it may be the most progressive country in the Muslim world. The capital of Tunis is a marriage of the Mediterranean and North Africa, with a spectacular medina—expect good buys on rugs, kilims, and shisha pipes, don’t forget to put your haggling hat on. There are mosques and cafés as well as French Art Nouveau buildings to take your fancy. Take the Tunis-Goulette-Marsa train to the ruins at Carthage, continue on to the picturesque village/artists’ colony of Sidi Bou Said, and end at La Marsa, a 19th-century seaside resort where the sandy Mediterranean coast is jasmine scented; you’re completely spoilt for choice in this old meets new city! Stay at the Carlton Hotel Tunis for easy access to everything as it’s located in the heart of the city, you definitely won’t have an excuse to miss a thing.


Tunisi-MedinaNow where to begin and where to end should be your main question, whatever you decide we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time, don’t forget to send us a post card of all your solo ventures while you’re out there enjoying life.